Thinking about taking up a new crafty hobby?

Long gone are the days when knitting was an activity that only existed in the realms of great-grandmothers laps, cross stitch uniquely on ‘Bless This Home’ signs, and sewing a chore meant for mending clothes. Though we love a good ‘Bless This Home’ sign as much as anyone (and think great-grandmothers are ace), it is a delight to see that this trio of crafty activities are now being explored for a million-and-one reasons by a hugely diverse community.
So without further ado here are just five reasons why you should step aboard the knitting/cross stitching/sewing train today:
  1. Scandinavian-style knits
Hurra hurra, from The Bridge to Ikea we all love Scandinavia, and it has never been easier to create your own versions of their unique style, right in time for the colder months! From beginner to advanced knitting projects, a huge collection of traditional motifs from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are now at your command, and ready to adorn.
  1. Decorating the house
No matter your style or taste, whether you live in a cottage by the sea and listen to flamenco, or in the middle of a city and go line dancing, your twist on traditional cross stitching can provide a fun, intimate way of decorating your home! A wonderous decorative opportunity to get creative…
  1. Anxiety
One of the reasons many discover knitting and cross stitch is due to it being a recommended way of relaxing and improving mental health. If you’re tired or stressed or need a break from the outside world, taking just a short amount of time to pick up a knitting needle or some thread is a valuable way of taking care of you.
  1. Gifts
Feeling seen and appreciated is a gift in itself – so creating presents for your nearest and dearest, having thought about what they would like and investing time in it is the cherry on top, and perfect for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions!
  1. Free Resources
Taking up the right creative hobby for you has never been easier – simply go online and explore the free tools and ideas offered at:
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